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Real Time Mugshots. Real People. Real Arrests. Reality App!

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They say misery loves company, but looking at this APP, you will agree that in this case, it is better to be alone than in County Lock Up! Think you had a rough week-end? Look through this APP and somebody will surely have you beat! The people displayed might be innocent, might be guilty, we honestly don’t know. We just know that if you are looking for the “feel good” APP of the year, this is NOT it! All the photographs in this APP are from Law Enforcement Departments throughout the whole U.S. which means there is a chance you might find some friends, relatives or even yourself posted her at one time or another. You have heard of reality TV? This is Reality APPS, Baby!!!

Think your friends would like to see the mugshots? Forward them mugshots from the website, mobile app or Facebook app.


OMG! I went to school with her!

Anna - Orlando, FL

I just love browsing this app! Totally addicting!

Kyle - Albany, NY

Awesome. This is the best iPhone app to date. By far...

Richard - Las Vegas, NV

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